Day 1 started with music – singer-songwriter Jake Troth sang for the opening. He sat the tone for a light-hearted and relaxed evening even if he was a little taken aback by the publics’ response at one point when he asked if they wanted a happy song or a sad one (he replied with his favorite sad song but no one seemed sad, so all good).

Talks followed and more music. Photographer Brigitte Lacombe and designer Susan Sellers, together with host Ian Daly, talked about the magic in the simplicity of Lacombe’s art-making, after the screening of a documentary about the photographer herself, directed by Lynne Ramsey. It seemed to give people with camera fright (like me) a sense of confidence that they could do it too – be comfortable in front of a camera. The two guest speakers have taken the task to create a magazine of the festival in record time – until the last day of the event.

Jurgis Didžiulis followed with his trademark motivational music. If you don’t know him yet, do not worry, he is famous in his country Lithuania, he says, and a neighborhood or two in Bogota, Colombia, the country where he was born. He also says, that practically makes him Romanian, mixing the Latin blood with the Eastern European one, and most cheerfully agreed. The energy he brings to the room is sure to make him take over the world in no time.

Next, Moran Cerf talked about our brains, about how experiments on mice showed that memories from one can be transferred to another and about hand prosthetics that can be used wireless, with the power of the brain. Indeed the difference between SF and science is just time. Fun trivia: as a side job, he was the person responsible with inserting the science into the film script for the tv series Limitless (based on the film based on the book based on another book).

The talks finished with the presentation of the Dream Lab application that enables the power we use to charge our phones for cancer research and an overview of the subject by researcher Catherine Vacher. These were the main speakers and guests for the day, but the night didn’t end here for everyone.

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