UNFINISHED 2019 Next Week

I am now part of the Unfinished community. This means four days of talks, performances, art exhibitions and culinary treats from international guest speakers, artists, authors and so much more. Between September 26-29, the National Museum of Art in Bucharest will host the third edition of this festival and the quirk is you can't buy tickets, you have to apply and be accepted.

I can't wait to go and write about it and, guess what, there is also a culinary section paired with wine experts and good coffee to keep the focus on everything that has been prepared to be experienced during this festival.



On top of everything, I now have an extra reason to read Esther Perel's book. I have been gulping her videos over the past years and I knew reading her book is a must, only that I lacked the motivation to read about sex recently, because of, you know, life. She was a guest last year and this year she'll be sharing the stage with her husband Jack Saul, director of the International Trauma Studies Program (ITSP).

I look forward to all the music, words, art, and food and if I don't write about it immediately it might be because I died and gone to heaven... or at least getting down from cloud nine might take a while.



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